You know the feeling. You hit the snooze button about 5 times before dragging yourself out of bed. You get dressed slowly, eat breakfast slowly, and even drive to work slowly hoping that somewhere between home and work someone will bestow a million dollars on you or better yet, that you win the lottery even though you don’t play so this can be your last day at work.

Maybe you are in school. You know mom and dad said you need to study and make good grades so you can keep your scholarship but you are drained from listening to professor after professor lecture you while you are concerned with making connections and hanging with others, staying fit, and excelling all at once. Mondays are just hard.

However the following are ways that will make you slide into the door a little easier.

1.Prep right now

No matter how late you stay up on Sunday night, devote at least 10 minutes before bed to get your clothes out, pack your bag, prepare your snacks or lunches, and to charge all of your technology (iphones, tablets, etc)

Doing this will give you a better peace of mind not to mention cut your time down to get ready in the morning.

2. Fill up the Tank

Also make sure you fill your gas tank up the night before. This helps you to avoid the “Oh I thought I had enough gas to make it to work, but…now, I hope a nice passerby has a gas can in his truck.”

3. Get change

Even though many vending machines take credit cards now, there is nothing worse than needing a snack before your next meeting at work or next class and realizing all you have in your pocket is a $20 bill.

4. Realize that more than likely the building is still standing.

Lets face it there are times where you wish you would drive to work and realize the building had vanished because it is just that stressful. However stressful it may be to go into work just one more day, you are providing for your family, and they need you. You are entering a new workday not only for yourself, but a larger cause for the ones you love.